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Swimming pool equipped with water heating system.

The pool is 15 mt x 6 mt with a deep from 1.2 mt to 2.60 mt in the deep area, plus a small area in wood of 1.30 meters x 6 meters, 10 centimeters under water, much loved by young children because they can stay in the water without fear. The edge of the pool is made of travertine stone, while the interior is in glass mosaic. With the light of the sun it reflects beautiful colors, like the Caribbean. It is not salt water. There is a diatomaceous filter and an electronic control unit of dosage for chlorine and PH. There is no smell of chlorine and the water is always very clean. There is a solar shower and 24 sun beds. The pool is surrounded by a green lawn and an oak tree that serves as the umbrella.
During the night the pool can be illuminated, to swim even during night time, and it can be closed automatically to maintain the water temperature and/or for children’s safety. In the spring and autumn months there is a system with a heat exchanger that keeps the water temperature warm enough.